Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Second Visit to the Stanley Hotel, 2003

Of course, after seeing what we had captured at the Stanley in 2002, we had to make arrangements for another night the next year. Again, being before "Ghost Hunters" aired their show, the hotel was very empty in October and we had it pretty much to ourselves except for about four other people. We didn't care though because the only plans we had were for room 407 and plans to see whatever it was that was standing in that window.

Now I am the first one to say that the whole "orb" thing is crap. I have done countless experiments with dust, raindrops and snow and have found those pics where people freak out because it's a "ghostly image" on their picture to be absolutely nothing but natures garbage floating around reflecting the light. Walk down a dirt path and take a few pics right away where you walked and you will tons of these "ghostly images" on your photo, I promise!

However, if you do suddenly get one of these on a photo or a video, snap a few more pics and see if it does anything odd. By odd, I mean if it actually floats across the room and back or floats UP, then there may be something to it...providing your area is not infected with bugs. According to what I have seen, dust does not float upwards. So with that being said, this is what I caught at the Stanley on our second trip. Take from it what you will.

This was in total darkness, one right after the other and we were able to follow it's path. Note: we covered the mirror.

It starts at the window and is upper-right of the dresser in the first set.

It is now to the left of the dresser.

It's now turning and is directly in front of the dresser coming towards the camera.


Thirty minutes later, it happened again. Another one coming from the window.

Now in front of the mirror.

Sharply turning towards me.

Then it quickly hovers past me.

So even coutning out the whole "orb" theory, something does indeed show up in that last photo that is not easily explained as dust.

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