Monday, February 15, 2010

Haunted Colorado Locations

The Schwartz Hotel
People have reported seeing strange lights as they
walk by this hotel. Legend states that a father and
son had a dispute during the 1800's and shot each
other. They are believed to still be there. A lady
reportedly hanged herself from the upper balcony.
Witnesses have claimed to see a lady in the
upstairs hallway.

There have been reports of apparitions and
phantom voices. The former site of an abandoned
hospital, mostly for the insane with tunnels below
the ground. Many reports of rape, murder and
torture by both the nurses and the patients. This is
now torn down. Super Target occupies half this

Hotel Jerome

A woman found a lost, shivering and soaking wet
boy in Room 310. When a staff member arrived
to help, the boy had vanished, leaving only wet
footprints. At that time, no children were registered
in the hotel. Legend has it that a child had drowned
in the hotel's original swimming pool. Room 310 is
located right in the middle of an addition to the
hotel that was built over that original pool.

It is said that this was built on an Indian
Reservation. Between midnight and 3 am, strange
occurrences start to happen. Things flying off the
shelves when no one is near them, glowing red
eyes in the back in the cooler, footsteps when no
one is in the store and indian music playing.

Fitzsimons Army Medical Center (SEE BELOW POST DEDICATED TO THIS SITE!)
An old army medical center and Tuberculosis
hospital closed in 1999 being redone as part of the
Medical Campus for University of CO. Many of
the abondoned buildings still stand and are said to
house angry spirits. In 1941 upon completion, the
main building was the largest structure in Colorado.
Reports soncist of spirits of military personal in the
windows and doorways.

North Middle School
Said to be haunted by a girl who drowned in the
swimming pool.

Overland High School - Theatre
It is reported that if you turn off all the theatre
lights and sit on the couch, you can hear a girl
crying and the sound of little footsteps on the metal.

The Third Bridge
A bridge that is haunted by children that died in a
school bus accident. There are many stories of
sightings and paranormal activity there. Feelings of
being followed and sounds of a child running
around at their feet. Handprints on cars windows,
and the sounds of voices and giggles surround the

Train Bridge over the Kiowa creek
Many years ago a massive train accident
happened around the bridge crossing over the
Kiowa creek. Many of the passengers died.
Reports of seeing or hearing a ghost train passing

545 9th Street
Boxes being tossed and moved in the attic, the
smell of perfume and strange movements in the
basement have happened in this residential home
according to a past owner.

Big Owl Hill
A female with larvae crawling out of her ears
emerged up on the summit of Big Owl Hill. Scores
of local residents allege this ghost likes terrifying
people who come looking for ghosts in Berthoud.

South of Carter Lake
A man is seen in the vicinity of Bennet Road in
broad daylight walking through the hills carrying a
canvas bag thrown over his shoulder. "Mr. Bennet,"
the original settler of the area was shot and killed
on Bennet Road as the result of a land dispute. The
apparition usually disappears as it is approached.

Black Forest
Black Forest Inn
This used to be a house. The wife that lived there
secretly cheated on her husband and one night her
"love" killed her then, in a barn, killed himself. Cold
spots and negative feelings fill this hotel.

Black Forest
Steve Lee House
Believed to be a "vortex" of paranormal activity.
Thousands of reports of lights, noises and
apparitions have filled this area mostly near the
house. Psychics have said this is the "busiest" place
they have ever seen.

Gilpin Hotel and Casino

A manager saw a woman enter a second-floor
rom then vanish. They think it is the ghost of
Lucille Malone, who jumped to her death from the
building a century ago. She has recently been
spotted in the restaurant.

Arnett-Fullen House,
Home to the offices of Historic Boulder and also
said to be haunted.

Cockerell Hall
Third floor ghost with dark brown hair and a long
white nightgown. Often seen by the attic door and
in the bathroom.

College Inn
The activity centers around the third floor,
particularly the south side of the building.
Phenomena range from rummaging sounds
coming from bathrooms, elevator doors opening
and closing when people walk by, smoke-like
apparitions, reddish stains appearing on walls and
voices that have been heard by nearly every staff

Fairview High School - Auditorium
In 1982, a senior student hanged himself in one of
the dressing rooms. Since then, students have
reported hearing singing from offstage, lights
flickering and flats falling completely over even
though they were nailed down to the floor.

Howe Mortuary
In the basement where the old records are kept,
cold spots and uneasy feelings are very common.
The extra storage area in the basement also has
cold spots. On the ground floor there have been
many sightings of people just standing in the lobby
where there was no viewing scheduled. At night
several times a month, the motion detectors and
security alarms go off for no apparent reason.
Several spirits are said to haunt the basement.

University of Colorado
Macky Auditorium
There is reputedly a brown-clad man who haunts
one of the building's towers. He seems to be
harmless, but there is a bit of local legend
connecting him with some documented murders in
the building

Children's World Store
It is also said that if you are in the building by
yourself late at night, you will hear whispers and
strange noises. Employee was followed in the
parking lot by a strange ghostly man.

Old Possum Bookstore
Flickering lights and the presence of an old woman
has been reported. She has been known to drop
books from shelves and laugh at people talking in
the store. Her shadow has been seen a lot walking
between the main area and the childrens area.

Olinger Evergreen Cemetery
Blue lights shoot through the treetops and a woman
in white flies over the tombstones. Jewish Cemetery

Brown's Park
Brown's Hole
This was the hiding place of many outlaws.
Visitors report a feeling of emotional upheaval
while others claim to have been possessed by
something unkind.

Canon City
St. Cloud Hotel
Guests of the hotel have reported seeing strange
figures, complaints of a young child playing with
her ball in the halls of the hotel and disappearing.
They enjoy playing games, hiding things from the
house keepers and turning off lights and televisions.
stacking furniture and startling guests and

Cañon City
Prison Museum

One of the first museums in Cañon City. In the
cleaning room where the female convincts did
laundry there are many cold spots and the smell of
tobacco. In cell number 19 orbs in photographs
have been taken.

Cañon City
Woodpecker hill Cemetery
Reports of cold spots, orbs, shadowy figures and
the sounds of small children laughing.

Eastholme in the Rockies
A female ghost whose identity is unknown is said
to haunt t his bed and breakfast. She has been heard
on the third floor whispering, "Grace", tickling the
piano keys and walking throughout the building. She
has been seen in a red satin dress standing on the
balcony and in the foyer wearing a long dark

Castle Rock
Castle Pines Golf Course
In the first cottage along the #1 fairway, the
bottom floor has had unexplainable happenings.
During times that staff has been in cleaning the
cottage, showers have turned on, soaking the
maids, a smell of rotten eggs normally follows.
Towels, glasses, sheets, have all been moved while
they are in there. Lights burn out frequently. No
guests have reported anything, but the staff is well
aware of the happenings.

Castle Rock
South Elementary
In the woods behind the school there is a bridge
that you can stand on leading into the hills. If you
stay on that bridge long enough and stay very quiet
you will hear children's faint giggling. As well as
men’s voices heard. It is known that the men took
the children up to the hills and for some reason,
they all burned to death.

Central City
Masonic Cemetary
Every April 5th and November 1st a beautiful
women in a black satin dress appears and lays
flowers on the grave of John Edward Cameron.
There are many different rumors for the
connection between this ghost and Cameron, who
died on November 1, 1887. The grave only has a
"JEC" on it and I believe it has since been stolen.

Colorado Springs
Adam’s Mark on Cascade
At least 3 ghosts are said to be here. One hangs out
after hours in the bar Judge Baldwins. The other is
a woman in a long gown seen coming down a back
flight of stairs. The third is of a young girl in one
of the rooms.

Colorado Springs
Around 1996, a manager was shot in the parking lot
by one of her employees. Whispering in the
lobby, things moving on their own, a lady walking
from the front out the back door and your name
being called have all been common here since the
murder. According to employees, chairs that are
put up will be found the next morning down again.

Colorado Springs
British Home Shop
One of the spirits here locks people in the women's
restroom. Several investigations have produced
positive videos, orbs and evp's. The owners of the
shop will talk to you about the spirits

Colorado Springs
Broadmoor Hotel

Employees have seen a woman in 1920's clothing
wandering through the main hotel. She is believed
to be Countess Portales, wife of the builder of the
original casino. This was the golf club house until
the 1990's when it was torn down.

Colorado Springs
Chapel Hills K-Mart
There have been reports of displays being knocked
over and strange noises back in the Garden Shop.
Employees who have had to open the Garden Shop
early in the mornings have reported cold spots and
the feeling of someone brushing against them as
they've gone through the aisles. The occurrences
have been attributed to a former manager there by
the name of Carl who passed away in 1998.

Colorado Springs
Coronado High School
In the early mornings in the pool, a little girl in a
bathing suit can be seen sitting in the far corner of
the pool area. Strange cold spots or things rubbing
against swimmers have also been reported.

Colorado Springs
Days Inn - Airport
There is an older gentleman that haunts room 207.
Reports of cold spots, curtains opening and closing
and thumping when no other guests are present.
Housekeepers don't like to clean the room without

Colorado Springs
Dead Mans Canyon
People have reported being chased by a phantom
with an axe in its forehead

Colorado Springs
Devonshire Square Apartments
At least four people in the building have seen an
apparition in the sauna (in the weight room), and
all four times it has been described as disappearing
once the person entered the room.

Colorado Springs
Fairview Cemetary (on the way to the tunnels)
Apparitions and EVP's have been common here.

Colorado Springs
Gold Camp Road / Helen Hunt Falls
A tunnel on Gold Camp Road is said to be haunted.
There are stories of people driving up there at
night only to find strange handprints on the outside
of their windows as well as sounds of ghostly
horses even though this is a road for cars.

Colorado Springs
Harrison High School Auditorium
It is said that the ghost of a young thespian named
Malcom haunts this Auditorium. You can hear his
footsteps on the stage and catwalk. If you venture
up to the catwalk area you may see a glowing light
coming from no light source. Once a young
woman slipped on the catwalk and nearly fell to
what could have been her death when she felt
someone grab a hold of her, pulling her back to
safety. When she caught her breath and looked for
her hero, she found no one, but felt something
brush her cheek as if being kissed.

Colorado Springs
Hearthstone Inn
Comprised of two Victorian mansions in Colorado
Springs, this suffered through a severe lightning
storm in 1999. In the days after the storm, two
separate guests requested relocation from the
same room on the third floor of the north house.
The first guest gave no reason. However, the
second said she saw a picture of a woman with
piercing blue eyes hanging on the wall. The eyes
were so piercing that she removed the picture. The
next day, a custodian discovered a mirror face
down on the floor, leaving to question whose
reflection was in the mirror.

Colorado Springs
Liberty High School Auditorium
During the building of the Catwalk, a man fell and
landed on the seats, breaking his back. Lights have
switched by themselves and voices and the sound
of someone in the building when no one is there
have all been common.

Colorado Springs
Palmer High School
In the 60's/70's, a student hung herself in the first
floor restroom in the school auditorium.
Poltergeist-like activity and seats going up and
down in the audience seating area has been heard.

Colorado Springs
Pioneers Museum

Workers in the courthouse building, which has
become the city’s Pioneers Museum, speak openly
of a presence that inhabits the museum. It opens
doors, operates the elevator and responds to the
name "Eddie."

Colorado Springs
Rock Ledge Ranch
This was once a hospital for Tuberculosis patients
in the 1800s and is now a museum. Lights turn on
by themselves, footsteps can be heard in the upper
levels. The antique rocking chair in the basement
moves by itself.

Colorado Springs
Rockrimmon - McDonalds
Legend has it that the building site was previously
an Indian burial ground. Currently during business
hours employees had reported hearing children
scream, along with children playing around the
fryers. It is said at night during closing hours a
Indian chief has been known to shut off lights, push
people and move things. Along with things opening
closing and starting by themsleves.

Colorado Springs
St. Francis Health Center
It was established in 1887 and was the first hospital
in Colorado Springs. There are at least four spirits
that have been reported to haunt the hospital. A
little boy that will come into the rooms to visit, a
doctor that has been seen in the doctors lounge
reading a paper and a nurse pushing her cart
throughout the halls. The elevator created by the
"Otis" company is also haunted. It will go up and
down at all times during the night from and to the
fourth floor. There are also tunnels below the
hospital that once lead throughout the area
including the crematorium across the street where
the smokestack is. This was used to haul the bodies
lost by TB without bringing them to the surface.

Cripple Creek
Dunn Building
Formerly a funeral Parlor, it became a boarding
house after the owner's husband died. Sounds of
footsteps and an uneasy presence is felt in the first
eleven original rooms. Psychics have detected a
Malevolent Spirit here.

Cripple Creek
Fairley Brothers and
Lampman Building
Sounds of dancing or walking upstairs or the bluish
image of a woman have been witnessed.

Cripple Creek
Imperial Hotel & Casino
Some people say they have seen a man falling
down the stairs or a young lady walking by
wearing clothing from the 1800's. The body of
George Long was found at the foot of the
basement stairs apparently struck by his mentally
ill daughter with a pan. Slot machines have played
by themselves

Cripple Creek
Last Dollar Inn
Several guests have heard a noisy phantom train
while staying in the back rooms, there is a train in
cripple creek but it only runs during the warmer
summer months and not during the winter when
this phenomena is most often heard. Guests of this
Inn have heard unexplained footsteps in the
hallway and on occasion guests have reported the
brief appearance of a ghost child sitting at the desk
in one of the bedrooms. One of the owners has had
more than one experience with an invisible
phantom that likes to sit in the window seat of a
second floor bedroom. This elusive ghost likes to
arrange the pillows in a particular way and
sometimes throws these pillows onto the floor. A
mysterious ghost of a train conductor is sometimes
seen in the living room and several convincing
photographs of orbs have been taken in this same

Cripple Creek
Mamie R Mine
Premature powder explosions, healthy beams
giving way for no apparent reason and frightening
images bring fear into most in t he area. 375 feet
down the main shaft of this mine is said to be
haunted by the ghosts of three miners. They all
died in separate accidents in 1894. Workers
claimed to see the phantoms of the ghosts one of
which is said to like to ride in the ore buckets.

Cripple Creek
Palace Hotel
Unexplained lit candles, beds being turned down,
and a reported Spirit Presence of the ghost of Mrs.
Kitty Chambers in Room 3.

Custer County/Rosita
Rosita Cemetery
If you are passing along Colorado HighWay 96
you can turn onto Rosita Rd. in Custer County, this
an dirt road that twists and turns through beautiful
scenery and old cabins until you pass through the
very old and very small mining town of Rosita,
just past the four corners part of town you will
come to a very old cemetary, the Rosita
Cemetary. Numerous apparitions and niuses have
been seen/heard here.

Delta Middle School
A ghost named Billy supposedly haunts the third
floor of this school

1311 York Street
Many strange sightings have happened in the
basement of this AA clinic.

1717 17th Street
A student killed himself from the above school

Acacia Apartments
The management once offered a Lower rent for
Apartment #111 because of a ghost. There have
been reports of rusty water coming from The
bathtub that make stains resembling blood stains.
Reports have also been made about flickering
lights, elevators moving by themselves and keys
spinning in locks by themselves

Bailey House
The house was purchased in 1910 by Leopold H.
Eicholtz. He had previously lived in the Whitehead
Mansion and according to him a ghost followed
him from there and used to haunt his house quite

Belle Worden's House
The ghost of John Fitzgerald haunts this house. He
was stabbed to death here in 1884 and his body
was dumped in a nearby river.

Bonfils Theatre
Reports of Raymond Burr himself haunts the
theatre. Also it is said that Ms. Helen Bonfils also
haunts the theatre because of her anguish, caused
by the abandonment of her building. Another
possible ghost is a phantom stageworker that was
killed during a production of Peter Pan

Botanic Gardens
Located on top of the old Cheesman Park
cemetery, Some people have reported seeing
apparitions and feeling cold spots throughout the
gardens. Note: This part of the old cemetary was
relocated the correct way and apparently, no
bodies remain here.

Bradmar, Private Residence.
Swinging chandeliers, strong odors, levitating
items, and ghostly moans fill this now abandoned

Brown Palace
In the boiler room of one of Denver's most noted
hotels, witnesses recount the sounds of babies
crying. Others tell of unexplainable cold drafts.
There is also a void on the wall of the boiler room
that leads to unexplored tunnels.

Chappell House
The Father Dowling TV Series used the location
for its Rectory. Before the crew could succesfully
film, they had to have the house blessed because
they said the filming was not working properly
because of a spiritual presence in the house.

Cheeseman Park

Circa 1950

It used to be a graveyard when they made it a park
They were supposed to move 5,000 bodies buried
there but they didn't- they left about 2,000 bodies
under the park. There are many stories about this.
The park was built on top of a cemetery. Its been
reported in several of the local newspapers that
only the head stones and not the coffins were
removed from at least one section many people
have seen and felt strange things there. Bodies
seem to pop up quite often as well as Summer,
2008 when workers repairing the roads found
numerous bones. Extensive rains will also bring
them to the surface.

Colmar Mansion
A previous resident, G. V. Kram sunk into a
depression and buried his money in the basement.
Then he tied up a hefty noose and hanged himself
down there. The young woman stayed in the
mansion after his death until her own and is now a
regular presence. The staff calls her Ollie. Chairs
pull out, perfume is smelled and she calls out the
employees names.

Colorado State Capitol
Witnesses say that "Henry" still guards his money
that he believes is still in the tunnels.Another is that
heads have been seen floating in the tunnels

Congress Park
This is the last 20 acres of old city cemetery.
Located near 9th and Josephine St. There was the
Pest House. This is where people were sent that
had contagious deseases and the homeless were
sent to die.There have been many reports of
cold spots and apparitions in the parking lot

Crabtree Bird Hospital
There are stories of a ghost in the basement. A
worker put down a bucket of water and went to the
basement to investigate strange noises. After
finding nothing he returned to find the bucket
empty. Another worker locked herself out of the
building and when she eventually got back into the
building, she found her keys hanging on the wall
but there was no hook. When she grabbed for them
they just fell to the floor.

Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion
Whatever is on the third floor of this house turned
museum, it is responsible for the death of a
woman, two large dogs and an infant since 1970.
Built in 1890, reports of typing and strange figures
in photo's have been common. Cameras are set up
a few times per year to document the activity.

Denver Children's Home
Apparitions of children playing and ethereal voices
of crying and whimpering are regular
phenomena. Also, an apparition of a female in a
wedding gown is regularly seen floating down the
third floor steps and across the 50 ft. length of the
second floor hallway. The FIFTH exorcism
occurred in 1999, but still certain paranormal
oddities remain.

Denver Courthouse
The Gates of Hell opened here in 1900 when
dozens of spirit images were seen being paraded
down the corridor of the second floor. The stench
of Sulphur was overpowering. Many workers quit
and moved out of the city.

Denver International Airport
Several problems were encountered while building
the airport. This is reportedly due to the fact that
the airport was built on top of sacred Native
American ground. Some employees and visitors
have reported hearing or seeing strange things.

Denver Press Club
There is a friendly spirit who roams the upper hall
of the Denver Press Club and an eerie presence
felt in the boiler room.

Denver Public Library
According to some employees, there is a ghost in
the basement of the library who shoves people
hard when they are walking through. According to
one employee, a security guard quit because they
were frightened so badly while patrolling the
basement at night.

Denver Public Library
According to some employees, there is a ghost in
the basement of the library who shoves people
hard when they are walking through. According to
one employee, a security guard quit because they
were frightened so badly while patrolling the
basement at night. Now the security guards patrol
it in groups of two.

Dora Moore K-8
Many have seen a ghost here. She is most often
seen walking along the large wooden staircase that
connects the first and second floors, but some have
seen her in the third floor auditorium. She's seen at
night or during darker days. She wears a ankle
length dress and her hair is twisted into a bun. She
walks quietly, not making any noise at all.

Dr. W. H. Bergold Home
A Person by the name of “Oscar” was said to be a
bothersome person to the construction workers
during the building of the house and after he had
pulled too many stunts, the construction workers
got together and hanged him. Rocking chairs rock
on their own, sounds like ceiling beams cracking.
During a repainting of the house, the painters
returned from lunch to find all of the paint dumped
but the doors still locked. Several attempts have
been made to exorcise the home.

East High School
Phantom cats have been seen throughout the

Eastbrook House
Reports of a “baseball” floating in the area of the

Firehouse #15
The story is that a firefighter that killed himself still
haunts the lower level.

Flemming Mansion
Reports have been told of strange unexplained
lights coming from the house.

George Washington High School

The ghost of an old heavy bald man is seen on the
football field. He will show up in the middle of the
day and then just disappear into thin air. Some say
he is the ghost of an old football coach.

Governor Arms
Reports of seeing a 1920’s “Flapper” Floating down
the hall, and an elevator that would meet residents
at their floor before ringing for it.

Grant-Humphries Mansion
Women have reported seeing an old man in the
reflections in mirrors. Objects and even plaster
have been known to fall for no apparent reason
throughout the home

Henry Treat Roger House
Moviemaker Russell Hunter, who filmed the
Changeling said in an interview in 1980 that the
strange events depicted in the movie happened to
him while he lived in this mansion. Loud banging
noises, voices and shaking walls were common.
The discovery of a hidden hallway behind a wall
was found including a diary of a boy that had been
buried in the house. A medium had learned that
the boy was buried seven feet under the house and
later on, the body had been found. The house since
has been torn down. During the demolishment, the
bedroom wall exploded killing the operator of the

Howard Mortuary
The ghost of a woman haunts where The Mortuary
used to be. The story is that the workers at the
mortuary would take valuables from the bodies.

Josephina's Restaurant- Larimer Square
Haunted by a female regular whose daughter
from the prohibition era (the restaurant used to be
a speak-easy) earlier in the century. The mirror in
the women's bathroom has broken one-too-many
times to be a coincidence as well as other freaky
things (i.e. Whiskey bottles turning over by
themselves, chair scooting from one end of the
dining room to the other, etc.)

Kram-Coe Mansion
People have reported the ghost of a woman in the
womans’ bathroom. A head is said to float just
outside the building on the corner of Colfax. Once
during the occupancy of the Heidelburg’s, the
family dog started bark at an attic door that had
been nailed shut for several years. They opened
the door, and discovered “wet paw prints” from a
very large dog. But there were no prints outside
the room.

Lake Middle School
Gun shots have been heard here at night as well as

Lake Middle School
Formally called Lake High School. On April 11th
1889 a girl had been shot four times by her ex-
boyfriend. She was then thrown off the balcony.
The man shot himself in the head. At the top of the
balcony, you see where they landed and gunshots
have been heard at night.

Lodo Bar & Grill

The general feeling of the staff is that the 2nd floor
is the main source of the haunting ( It should be
noted that the one documented suicide was on this
floor). The most recent activity has been in the 2nd
floor women’s room. Many of the people report
the elevator going from floor to floor with nobody
at the controls, voices from the 2nd floor being
heard from the 1st floor when nobody else is in the
building, seeing people or shadows briefly, and
smelling different kinds of perfume in the 2nd floor
women’s room.

Lumber Barron Inn
According to a story in the 10/19/03 Denver Post,
The bodies of two girls, Cara Knoche and
Marianne Weaver were found in the second-floor
Valentine Room in 1970. The murders were never
solved.There is also a woman haunting and an odd
feeling in the basement.

Mazzula House
A resident claimed to see a ghost in the master

Molly Brown House
The image of "The Unsinkable" Molly Brown and
her husband have been seen here. Also cigar smoke has been smelled many times in Mr. Brown's room even though the home is smoke-free. Molly died in 1932 at
the Barbizon Hotel in New York City. Ghost
Lectures are held at the home in October. It is
now a museum.

Morey Junior High School
The reports from students are of a ghost that haunts the basement gym & locker room area. It is believed it is a student that drowned, possibly in the showers
of the school

Peabody Mansion
A feeling of unease is experienced by those who
frequent this Governors Mansion turned
Nightclub called, ironically, Spirits.

Pearce-McAllister Cottage
People have reported that the ceramic cat walks
around on the top of the home late at night.

Peccora House Property
Wild Laughter and screams were heard throughout
the house shortly after a brutal murder had been
committed. The house mysteriously burned to the

Red Rocks

An old miner has been seen standing on the
"restricted" side of the railings. He was about 5'5,
white, beard, dirty brownish hat with a bottle in his

Reynolds Cottage
Reports of a woman in a white dress on the
staircase and in the kitchen. One story even talks
about a bed crashing through the floor planks.

Saint Josephs Hospital / Old Section
In the Late 18th Century a Nurse died of a
contagious disease contracted from a patient. The
nurse has been described as a beautiful blonde that
helps patients at times that they feel hopeless.
When they feel better she says that she needs to go
help other patients.

St. Johns Cathedral
It is reported that at night you can hear talking and
footsteps coming from the Cemetery

Stoiber House (Stoiberhof)
The body of a headless woman has been seen at
the dining room table. Other reports tell of a
ghostly butler that will offer you a drink and when
you look back he will be gone.

Sugar Building
Ghostly orbs float through the sprawling corridors
of this historic office building. Evidence of the
building's previous inhabitants can be seen
scrawled on the walls. The elevators go up and
down by themselves.

Tammen Hall
Tammen Hall was originally an Orphanage and
was then taken over by the Children Hospital. In
the 1930’s a nurse was murdered by construction
workers, and bricked-in in the bottom of where the
elevator shaft now is. There is also a story of a
nurse that commited suicide in the 1920’s. There
are reports of cold spots in the south hallway by
the elevator and doors will lock and unlock on their

The Buckhorn Exchange
When the fur trade began, this building was one of
the first trading posts in the area. It is said that the
building is haunted by many of the traders. There
have been reports of tables moving suddenly. Also,
many have reported hearing voices and footsteps
when no one is talking or moving. This is now a

The Playboy club
The ghost of a Playboy bunny have been reported
in the attic storage areas. No Longer There.

The Underground Nightclub
Mysterious opening and closing of doors, icy
phantom winds, eerie spectral voices and whistling,
the feeling of a strange yet calm presence, and
sometimes even a shadow of someone not present
is sometimes seen by the back bar. Dish-washing
machine has operated on its own, pots and pans
and other cooking utensils have fallen from the
shelves where they had been well placed, and the
sound of a bouncing ball can sometimes be heard
from the narrow stairway near the kitchen. There
are many rumors on who may have died in the
building. Some say a fire in the basement took the
life of a young girl, and some say an caretaker of
the old YWCA building was found drowned in the
pool, which is no longer there, having been sealed
in during one of the renovations. It is however
known that at least one woman, an elevator
operator died on the fith floor but it is unclear how
she died

Tivoli Student Union
Houses the student union for the Auraria Campus
combining Community College of Denver, Metro
State College and U. of CO at Denver. Built in 1866
as the original Tivoli Brewery. Large brewing
equipment still remains. Converted to student union
in 1994. Ever since, voices are often heard
through vents on the third floor as though an
elegant party is going on, whispers in the

Union Station Train Depot
There have been two different reports of
unexplained phenomenan in this old train depot.
One is the ghost of a three fingered hobo and the
other is a reoccuring vision of an old military man.
A friend's brother has seen various apparitions in
the tunnels underneath as well as in the attic.

University Club
The University has kept quiet the rumors of ghosts

University of Denver
Lamont School of Music - Dunklee Hall
Legend has it that a student killed herself on the
second floor of the dormitory, Dunklee Hall. That
floor was used as practice rooms for the music
students. There was one particular room (out the
elevator, to the right, last door on the right), Is
usually standing open. Upon leaving it quietly
closes behind you.

University of Denver- Mary Reed Building
Part of the University of Denver campus. It was
the Dupont Room, named for a long-gone alumni
who left money for the Reed Library.The janitor
claimed to have seen Mrs. Dupont more than once.

VFW Post
Many employees of the bar at the VFW Post #1
have reported seeing ghostly shapes in the hallway
and hearing a loud rapping noise in the furnace
room. One night in 2003. A manager turned the
TV to a music channel. The channel suddenly
turned to a non-music channel. This happened
three times when the manager yelled at the spirit
and the channel prompty changed back to his
music channel by itself.

Walter Dunning House
There are several stories about the ghosts of the
house including one of two ghosts that guard the
home and stories of furniture being moved around.

Wells Fargo Bank
Workers have reported that in the tower you can
hear strange voices and echoes. Reports of cold
spots are also common

William Riddick Whitehead Mansion

Reports of dishes, glasses, trays that were always
falling. Kitchen utensils were thrown around by no
apparent source. There were also reports of
strange sounds and cries from a child from the
second story. An electrician was called in to repair
the wiring in a chandelier that was turning on and
off by itself. But when he examined It he
discovered that there were no wires going to it.
Rumors of rapes and murders in the basement
have been thought to cause the hauntings.

Strater Hotel
According to the owner of the Strater Hotel he has
had many people leave the hotel in the middle of
the night when they have encountered spirits in the
hallway. Maids have also reported seeing people
enter unoccupied rooms and upon entering to assist
the customer, the maids find the room empty.

The Pratt Hotel
This Bed and Breakfast was built in the late 19th
century and is haunted by the first owner's
daughter, Millie Pratt, who fell down the very
steep front stairway. She only seems to appear to
women. Her room is the one by the top of the
stairs. She whispers "mother" in women's' ears at
night and several have seen her fall down the stairs
or lying at the bottom of the staircase.

Englewood High School
Cold spots - believed to be haunted by drama
teacher who died in the mid 70's.

formerly the Forney Transportation museum
reports of glowing eyes with a great feeling to
leave…especially in the basement. NOW AN REI STORE

St. Mary's Academy
The students have seen strange lights in the theater
and have felt un-naturally cold in the tunnels.

Estes Park
Baldpate Inn

Current owners claim the original owners of this
Inn still are seen about the building. Especially the
room where the largest collection of Celebrity
keys are kept.

Stanley Hotel
Cooks and bus staff report music coming from a
ballroom that stops when they walk in. Bartenders
have seen the ghost of F.O. Stanley stroll through,
disappearing when they go to cut him off at the
kitchen. Active rooms are 401 and 217. In room
401, a guest had entered the room to find a ghostly
little boy jumping on the bed, which vanished soon
after. In room 407, the ghost, reportedly of Lord
Dunraven has been seen in the windows as well as
room 401. Anyone th at knows me will know of the
video I shot here which led to my belief in this

Brook Forest Inn
Haunted on the top floor by two ghosts: Jessica, a
chambermaid murdered by her lover, a stable
hand, and the stable hand who committed suicide
after killing her. Cold presences are felt going the
stairs to the third floor, according to the staff. The
Second floor is said to have been the location that
"Carl" murdered his wife.The third floor is said to
hold the spirit of a mischievous little boy who died
from the flu. It is said he can be heard running up
and down the hallway late at night.

Hiwan Homestead Museum
Reports of being called in "the Spinning Room" and
a greyish-white, full sized apparition dressed in a
floor length nightgown. In a locked, unused room
above the study Reports of footsteps and a sound
that was almost like a rocking chair coming from
above. Strange anomalies have showed up on film
as well.

Hand Hotel
People have heard a woman's voice asking for her
rocking chair. The ghost of a dark mastiff has been
seen repeatedly. One guest saw and felt a dog pull
the bed covers off her. When she tried to re-cover
herself, the dog bared its teeth and disappeared.
Five years ago, a young boy was attacked by the
mastiff as he and his father were building a
haunted house for Halloween in the hotel's
basement. Former hotel owner Pat Pocius
confirmed dog bites on the boy's hand, as did a

Florence Hotel
There was a man who murdered a baby and her
mother and covered the baby in cement in the
basement of the hotel. People have seen a lady
walking down to the basement and also in the
bathrooms, bedrooms and the old dining room. At
night some people can hear a baby crying, The
"Pink" room appears to be the most haunted.

Fort Carson
Building #1047
On the third floor a soldier killed three other
soldiers, the people that live on that floor say that
you can hear crying in the halls, Cold spots in
room 313 have been felt as well as beds shaking
and items falling off shelves.

Fort Carson
Centennial High School
Haunted by a young girl who fell to her death on
the large wooden staircase running down the
center of the building. People have reported
hearing strange noises and feeling cold spots along
with the sense that they are being watched. It is
also rumored that there has been numerous
seances conducted on the premises.

Fort Carson
The old Ft. Carson hospital/mental clinic
Movement is heard through the building, like
furniture is being shoved around, repetitive banging
noise, and sometimes faces are seen peering
through the barred windows.
Fort Collins
Bingham Hill cemetery
Reports of people screaming and babies crying
and the feel of cold hands touching you.

Fort Collins
Helmshire Inn
A third floor housekeeper claims ghosts would
undo their work after rooms had been tidied up, the
curtains would open, a bed had been "unmade"
and toilets would flush. The basement seems to
have a presence

Fort Collins
Holiday Inn Holidome
There's a ghost of a man in the top hall of the
northwest wing that is an ominous presence. The
ghost of a woman looks out over the swimming
pool from one of the rooms when children are
playing, supposedly to watch over them. The main
apparition though, is of a little girl who haunts a
room across the hall and a bit east of the now
unused king suite. She does poltergeist activities
mainly-. Guests there often find their key cards
missing, etc.

Fort Collins
University of Northern Colorado
Edith is the ghost on the third floor of this all-girl
dorm. Formerly a "dorm mother", she was driven
to suicide hanging herself in her room. Reports of
changing TV channels, strange lights and moving
furniture while people sleep are reported by

Fort Morgan
Baker's School
This school has been rebuilt at least three times and
it seems to burn down every time. The last time it
burned down was in 1996. People have seen
strange lights going on and off at night and the
sounds of children playing.

Glenwood Springs
Hotel Colorado

Reports include: doors opening and closing by
themselves, elevators going up and down, the smell
of cigar smoke when no one is smoking in the
lobby, a little girl in a Victorian dress seen playing
on the staircase and a murdered chambermaid
who appears at night in the Devereux Room fill this
hotel in Glenwood Springs.

Heritage Square
An old Denver landmark shopping area haunted
by many ghosts. One in particular is a young man
who supposedly fell in love with a young girl from
one of the Indian tribes that was passing through
the area at the time. Someone supposedly forbid
their love and as the young man chased after the
girl in his horse drawn wagon he was mysteriously
killed. There have been stories of young girls
hearing galloping, and a male voice crying out for
them to wait for him. Voices have been heard
coming from the loudspeakers as if they are
speaking to someone.

The George West House
The founder of Golden is said to haunt this house.
He lived there from 1872 (when built) to 1902

Stage Coach Country Inn
This Bed and Breakfast is reported to have many
phantoms both adult and adolescent. Objects in
rooms throughout the inn move from place to
place. Many have complained of hearing heavy
footsteps during the middle of the night. Some of
the ghost are even known to suck all the heat from
a room. The ghosts have even been known to leave
bruises on those whom they attack.

Grand Junction
Horse Thief Canyon
In the 19th century, horse thieves would bring their
latest herd of horses here and hide them for a
while. One night the sheriff surrounded the area
and shot the thieves along with some of the horses.
The spirit that haunts this place seems to be
unrelated to the canyon's history. On certain nights
a woman in a white dress has been spotted walking
from canyon wall to canyon wall. Her
background is unknown, but others have claimed to
see her walking the banks of the Colorado River.

Grand Junction
The Elks Club
Reports of 3 to 4 different shadows have been
reported to have been seen in the building by
members and employees. One shadow is said to
have been a woman who died of unnatural causes
in the building. Employees have reported trash
cans that were left on the tables after mopping are
thrown across the room, doors closing on their own
and voices have been heard.

Best Western Regency Hotel
The hotel was built where the Chief Theatre used
to exist. A young woman was killed in the theatre
by her boyfriend. She was thrown off the balcony.
Poltergeist-like activity has been seen and full-
bodied apparitions. Almost everyone who has
worked at the Ramkota has seen the ghost of

University of NC-Turner Hall
Haunted by numerous spirits. Two main spirits that
most of the students who reside in it know and
have either seen or heard. The first spirit was a
former student who threw himself out of the
window of the 11th floor. Another is because of a
fire that happened in one of the rooms and trapped
the student there.

Town of Hamilton
A benevolent spirit of a mountain man. Sightings of
him are wearing buckskins and smoking a pipe. He
suddenly disappears and only the smell of the pipe

Highlands Ranch
Daniels Park
This was a 19th century armory. On the south face
of the hill, below and to the left of the park
facilities. Reportedly named "Kether", this ghostly
woman was said to be sacrificed on this spot as
punishment for disobedience of her coven whose
beliefs were loosely based on worship of the
Egyptian god "set". Often, on hot days, the
concrete and stone bunker goes suddenly cold and
damp spots appear. An apparition has also been
seen on the hill nearby.

Highlands Ranch
Northridge Elementary School
Monkey bar handles have moved by themselves
when there is no wind and sounds of people sliding
on the slides, the cafeteria lights flicker on and off
and the sounds of children laughing on the lower/
yellow playground have been heard.

Highlands Ranch
Ranch View Middle School
Laughter, crying, and talking can be heard in the
halls. In the bathroom behind the stage, laughter
and crying in the stalls. Lights flicker, hand-dryers,
and the water turns on by itself. Elevator lights

Highlands Ranch
S. Ranch Road Mansion
There is a mansion on S. Ranch Road that was built
in the 1890's. The owner of the ranch and his
family lived there. There was a single daughter
who was forced to stay in the house all day, every
day to clean and cook while the other men were
out in the fields. She committed suicide; Her
presence reportedly still haunts the mansion and
the area around it.

Highlands Ranch
Thunderridge High school
Laughing and footsteps in the halls can be heard
when alone and shadows walking in the halls.
People have been heard voices. Strange
occurrences in the "F" wing. The "Gym" hall
seems to have a person walking on the tile when no
one is there.

Jefferson County
Deer Creek Canyon
Strange mists are known to cover the road and
disapear quickly for unknown reasons.

Kiowa County
Sand Creek
Annually, on November 29th, the anniversary
night of the massacre, campers have reported
seeing manifestations of numerous Native women,
children, and the occasional warrior, wandering
down the Sand Creek bed and banks where they
were killed, most appearing only briefly, then
dissolving into the creek's soil.

La Veta
Fort Francisco Museum
Strange odors and cold spots throughout the kitchen.
According to the tour guide there have been
hauntings reported by different witnesses. Several
people have seen an apparition which has been
dubbed as the 'Candle Lady Ghost' by the museum

Andevine middle school
It is said that a teacher murdered a child. Rumors
of a little boy with blond hair and red eyes sitting
and writing.

Union Square 6 Mann Theatre
In 1997 the theatre was haunted by an old man
with a bad temper. Employees where teased and
tormented, many quit. Even customers noticed
him wondering around. Management had to bring
numerous "specialists" to help get some answers.

The Old Chapel
A man killed a preacher and a nun, while raping
another. The nun found out later that she was
pregnant and hanged herself on the top floor. A
woman has been heard crying and moaning and a
few people have seen an apparition.

Alps Motel
Drastic temperature changes and odd voices have
been heard here.

Delaware Hotel

A painter, restoring one of the hotel's hallways, felt
numerous cold spots. It is said that the spirit of
Mary Coffey, who was shot in the back and
paralyzed by her husband in their room at the hotel
in 1889 still resides here. The vision of a woman
has been seen repeatedly.

Moyer Mine
Miners have seen the spirits of old miners who died
on the property.

Columbine High school
Apparitions are said to appear here inside and
outside. Pictures sometimes produce orbs.

Littleton Town Hall Arts Center
Maniacal laughter and music have been heard
here. Workers' desks are continually being

Melting Pot Restaurant
Employees have reported seeing various
apparitions and objects moving by themselves.
Formerly the towns public library.

Home Depot
On opening day, a dead body was found behind
the store. Since then, there have been footsteps
heard on the roof when the store had been closed
as well as items falling out of the overheads when
nobody was around them.

Vance Brand Civic Auditorium
Students here have reported cold spots, lights
turning on and off and strange noises occurring.
One student spotted a strange figure in the back of
the balcony watching them. The chairs in the
auditorium have also been known to move as if
someone is sitting down or getting up from them.

Old Louisville Inn
Employess have heard loud counds and voices.
There has been reports of a disembodied hand
dipping into the register and moving spoons across
the room. Odd feelings in the attic.

The Pizzeria in downtown Louisville used to be
Colacci's. A poker dispute caused a shooting of a
man and his girl who tried to stop it. The tunnels
below now blocked are said to be the entry way
into the basement. Employees for years have seen
the girl as well as light bulbs disappearing.

Manitou Springs
Bath and Spa house
Indians were pushed out of these lands cutting
them off from their spring. They put a curse on the
land. The building was built on the spring and then
as soon as it opened, it caught fire killing many
people. When opening again, it flooded, also killing
many. Every time it reopens, something horrible
happens and many people die. It is fenced off but
you can see in the windows and the shadows walk
by as well as the lights flickering.

Manitou Springs
Miramont Castle
Numerous cold spots and numerous people not
wanting to go into the the gift shop (which was the
teburculosis unit when it was a sanitarium) are said
to be common here.

Manitou Springs
Mushroom Monday
Reports of a spirit of an old man. Both employees
and customers have seen him. He stands near a
small fountain, but appears to be standing on a
surface below the shop's floor as he comes out of
the ground at the knees. He only appears briefly
then is gone. Owner Confirmed.

Manitou Springs
The Cliff House
A noble couple from Europe came to the valley
and met an untimely and gruesome death (she
cheated on him and he murdered her and
committed suicide.) Voices and foot steps have
been heard and a white/translucent blur floating
through walls has been spotted.

Mesa Verde
National Park
Balcony House
This area is an ancient ruin of the Anasazi Indians.
Several ghosts have been spotted walking among
the ruins.

Niwot High School
A child was reportedly killed by the janitor in the
basement. Several oddities have occurred.

Beaumont Hotel
Apparition of a woman has been seen hanging as
well as walking down the halls.

Grounds Keeper Coffee House & Eatery
At the Grounds Keeper Coffee House there is a
ghost that is seen regularly. He wears an apron and
he really likes to play Pink Floyd's The Wall.
People have seen lids come off of jars and fly a
short way. Things usually only happen when the
coffee house is closed.

Old Western Hotel

Two have seen a lady on the staircase in old
fashioned dress. The employees say there are
several rooms upstairs that are haunted. After
closing up one night, they were sitting in the front
lobby when they heard the cash register start
operating in the adjoining bar

Ouray County Courthouse
Apparitions have been seem roaming this old

The Beaumont Hotel
Newly renovated, it is said to be haunted by the
ghost of a young woman who was brutally raped
and killed by one of the chefs working there.
Apparently, he was never brought to justice over
the murder and it is said that she occasionally has
been seen on the balcony crying.

The Ouray County Courthouse
Two men working on the computer systems said
that they saw a man at the end of the hall in old
time suit. They were working in one of the rooms
when they saw a young woman enter and simply
announce her name. When the man stepped
forward to speak to her, she disappeared.

The Ouray Museum
Haunted by a man, perhaps a patient who died
there. He seems to be very considerate of the
women, and is heard more by men. Many
footsteps have been heard in numerous areas.

The Silver Nugget
Back in the day of miners the top floor was a
brothel. A prostitute was killed upstairs, and the
room that she was killed in is very haunted. A lot of
people had complained of strange occurrences.
Now the third floor is a hotel, the second floor is a
restaurant and the basement is not in use. About 10
years ago a ghost of a miner walked through the
restaurant in its busy season and dozens of people

Old Glendale Station
Anyone approaching this two story adobe station
has a good chance of being met at the door by the
image of a woman in a white satin dress.

Pierce Elementary
Sounds of footsteps have been heard, doors
opening and closing on their own, sounds of a baby
crying and different shadows.

Rendezvous Restaurant
Witnesses have reported seeing a small child
running on the balcony and then jumping off
suddenly. It is believed that it is the spirit of a little
boy that fell from the balcony to his death. The
spirit of a woman has also been seen.

Rosemount Museum

The museum was home to the prominent Pueblo
family, the Thatchers, during the 1800's. Many
noises and objects moving are common as well as
a real Egyptian Mummy in one of the top stories.
Under the house there are extensive tunnels not
open to the public.

Redstone Inn
Aa spirit inhabits the third floor. The staff has
named him George and from reports, there are
sounds of furniture moving, doors opening, toilets
flushing and music coming from the attic. No
housekeeper will go to the inn's third floor alone.

Santa Cruz
Adolph's Restaurant
Although owners refute the claims of paranormal
activity, one waiter says restaurant hostesses,
waiters and bussers have discussed the dozens of
ghost sightings among themselves. Historians,
meanwhile, have said a murder occurred at the
site of the restaurant near the turn of the century.

Silver Cliff
Silver Cliff Cemetery
Light blue Spirit Orbs are seen regularly hovering
over graves.

Silver Plume
Old Schoolhouse Building
Odd images in photographs show up in and around
this old school house.

Old Logan County Hospital
The old hospital is now shut down and owned by
centenial mental health. Telephone dialtones can
be heard when you pick up the phone to but no
calls can be made. A little boy supposedly tugs on
your shirt to get your attention. Noises and voices
have been heard. Apparently electrical items will
go off even though the power has been shut off in
the building.

Ramada inn
Guests have seen a woman in a night gown with
what looks to be a blood stain on the front where
she was supposedly shot. This happens in room 104

Brittany Hill Restaurant (Now Closed but reopening Summer, 2010)

The ghost of a man holding his wife in his arms has
been seen in the front door window after closing.
Rumor has it, the owner of the mansion was caught
cheating on his wife and she jumped out the tower
window. When he saw her dead he hanged
himself in the tower.

House at 2401 Poze blvd.
The smell of a room burning, doors opening and
closing by themselves, cupboards slamming shut
and a lot of footsteps.

Riverdale Road
This is a location of slavery abuse, witchcraft and
hangings. There is a small turn off road at about
132nd. It is said that when you park your car on
this gravel road and turn the car off, you can hear
the pace of someone running down this road and
passing your car. Screams have also been heard.
When driving down the road, there have been
sightings of a women dressed in white at the side of
the road, if you pull up to her it is said that she
walks to your car then disappears.

Tarabino Inn
Sound of someone walking on the stairs. People
have woke up with a hand on their shoulder, the
image of a young woman in a nightgown at the
foot of the stairs. There are apparently children on
the top floor, two stairwalkers, something in the
dining room, and a guy named Hector who likes to
smoke cherry tobacco in the library. Barney
Tarabino was one of the original owners between
1903 and 1907 and is believed to be very active.

Dunn Building
This building is being haunted by the undertakers
old wife who was said to have run a rooming house
in the upstairs of the building.

The Catholic School
Half of the building has burned down. Sounds of
people crying has been heard. A teenage girl has
been spotted walking down the halls. This is said to
be a victim of a car accident in the 50's.

House-79th and Bradburn Blvd.
Srange noises and the presence of the ghost of the
original owner in an upstairs bedroom. Two
unexplained deaths of family pets at the foot of the
butlers staircase.

Pillar of Fire Church (Formerly Westminster University)

Possibly haunted by the victims of a murder that
happened years ago, the hauntings consist of faces
being seen in the tower windows and ghost mist
around in the cemetery.

Westminster City Hall
It is said that at midnight you can see a lady with
two little girls looking over to Sheridan St. They say
it's because a man killed them and then buried
them under the tower.
Wheat Ridge
Crown Hill Cemetary
Faces seen in the mortuary towers and presenses
in the cematary

Woodland Park
Saylor Park Forest
Cadets from the Air Force Academy participating
in survival training have reported feeling
presences, seeing glowing figures among the trees.
Night vision goggles reveal pulsing lights near
various scattered granite monoliths between 1am-

Royal Hotel
People say a ghost named "Rufus" haunts this